A 30 Day Better Life Challenge

Within recent times and especially from the onset of this year, self-improvement has become a huge personal objective of mine. I now regularly read various books on the subject and constantly watch Tony Robbins YouTube videos. Last month in my ongoing quest for self-improvement knowledge, I stumbled upon a 30 Day Better Life Challenge, that was being offered online by the self-made millionaire Dean Graziosi. Depite my immediate realization that it was likely more of a sales gimmick to generate registrations for his online Seminars, I nevertheless decided that I would have nothing to lose by indulging and might even somehow benefit from the exercise.

The Challenge was comprised of four weeks of seven daily challenges, with two more in the final week. The Week I “Foundation” challenges were fairly simple and straightforward, from an introductory Master Your Morning challenge to complete simple exercises on deep breathing, gratitude indulgence and the identification of meaningful daily tasks, through to a Day 7 slightly more complex task of identifying the specific direction that you would want your life to take. The challenges on the days in between included taking time off from viewing or reading negative daily news broadcasts, saying no to people who might not necessarily have your best interests at heart, reliving major fears or embarrassments that you have experienced in the past and simply flipping those as a means of identifying outcomes that could have been more positive, even humorous, engaging in a random act of kindness and being conscious of those whose company you keep.

The Week 2, “Mastering Your Mindset” challenges were slightly more engaging. The headings were: Mind vs Body, Creating Reciprocity, Grit over Gift; When The Going Gets Tough, Crushing Negativity and Creating Your Story. The last of those was particularly interesting in that it suggested that one of the biggest blocks of experiencing rapid transformation is a negative story that we often tell ourselves based on unfulfilling experiences in our past. As such the challenge was discover the old, current story I have been telling myself that no longer serves any good purpose and demolish it so that I could create a new far more invigorating one. I was also challenged to identify my old avatar and create a new one!

Week 3”s “Pushing Forward” challenges were headlined as The Not To Do List, Sharpening Strengths, Living The Dream, Making It Happen, It Takes Courage, Do It Already, Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed. Of these the last was again by far the most interesting. That “Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed” challenge was to imagine that you had one week left to live and to identify 5 things that you would do during the week if you knew that the end was near? The five I identified were 1) to have individual heart t0 heart conversations with my three sons, 2) to call all those individuals that I value my relationship with to tell them how much I have appreciated having them in my life 3) to write a letter to my very best friend, the Barbados based Connie Smith, to express my profound appreciation for all that she has been to me in the now 30+ years that we’ve known each other, 4) and 5) to have the nicest possible final evening with the Love Of My Life Resident Love Goddess, doing what I have loved most: enjoying a delicious meal, likely my favorite curry chicken and rice, watching my favorite movie of all time The Sound Of Music, dancing to some good music, just “Fuh Fun!:) and …… the rest would be best left to the imagination, this being a family publication!

The final Week 4 “Transforming Your Story” Challenges were under the somewhat self explanatory headings: Take Action, Now News Is Good News Part 2, Make A Sale, Show Your Appreciation, Your Perfect Day. Your New Story. Of these Show Your Appreciation was the most compelling as it required writing a letter/email of appreciation to five individuals to whom you owe a debt of gratitude. My five were fairly easy to identify, the actual letter writing though was far more difficult. So much so that to date I’ve only completed three of the five and still have two more to do.

The final Week 5’s “Your Better Life” challenge was in two parts, the first a reminder to identify “Health Equals Happiness” daily activities and the second to share the 30 Day Experience with as many others as possible. Having done just that by way of this Commentary, I can now pat myself on the back for having completed the challenge. As to the lessons learnt, only time will tell as to whether those do indeed result in my experiencing a “Better Life!”