A Good Time For All At Rudy Lochan’s Annual Christmas Party

The Federal Government of Canada’s Minister of Science Kristi Duncan, Toronto Ward I Counselor Vincent Crisanti and popular Guyanese-Canadian poet Peter Jailall, were among the scores of appreciative guests who attended Rudy Lochan’s Centum Anava Mortgage Financing December 17 Annual Christmas Party. Held at the attractive 80 Esther Lorrie Drive’s Recreation Centre, the annual party, which Lochan has been hosting for several years now, featured a curry duck and pepperpot inclusive sumptuous buffet, as well as a generously stocked open bar. There was also some very enjoyable sing along entertainment, provided by impressively talented performers, which ensured that a good time was indeed had by all.

In her brief remarks to those present, Minister Duncan thanked Lochan for his demonstrated generosity in continuously hosting the annual party. It is she said a most obvious testimonial to his outstanding benevolence towards his clients and community.

Photo Caption: Peter Jailall, Minister Kristi Duncan and party host Rudy Lochan.