Ajax’s Live Resto Lounge Offers Something For Everyone!

“Something For Everyone!” That’s the aim and objective of (Roshun and Nadia) the Maharaj Family, the Trinidadian and Guyanese Canadian, husband and wife Seukaran and Sandra along with Son Roshun and his wife Nadia are co-owners of Live Resto Lounge, Ajax’s newest restaurant offering. The already opened and fully operational family run Live Resto Lounge will be officially launched on Saturday March 31, with live music performances by Reflex Sun.

It was during February last that the idea for the establishment of the restaurant was first formulated by Roshun. At that time he’d been searching desperately for somewhere suitable to host a scheduled Carnival Showcase event, after an unexpected cancellation of the originally booked venue. His search had taken him to the Salem Road, location of what had previously been known as Sgt Peppers, Ajax. Having noticed the “Closed” sign, the ideas in his marketing oriented brain, immediately started ticking over.

One thing led to the next and in quick time he was soon presenting a take over proposal to the former Owner. Roshun’s original concept was for a turnkey operation but eventually the decision was made to start afresh with a brand new concept. Always in search of a venue capable of hosting events, Roshun’s marketing background, coupled with his wife Nadia’s event management experience provided the confidence that was required for them to make the required financial investment in creating Live Resto Lounge.

As the latest entry to the always, highly competitive restaurant industry, Live Resto Lounge’s objective is to cater to families, young and old. Mature respectable individuals who would like to go out and have an enjoyable evening in a safe and comfortable environment. According to Roshun, Live Resto Lounge’s goal is to provide a family friendly atmosphere where adults can also come in and enjoy a comedy show, sing some karaoke, have a delicious dinner and experience some live band music, while having a generally good time!

Its very pleasantly appealing décor certainly places Live Resto Lounge in a position to comfortably achieve those very admirable objectives. With a dine in seating capacity of almost 200, Live Resto Lounge’s décor features black wooden tables and cushioned chairs with interchangeable covers. There are also a number of booths capable of seating parties of four or six.

Live Resto Lounge is complete with cameras inside and outside. From its March 31 Official Launch date onwards, Live Resto Lounge will be able to provide live streaming which allow patrons direct views of the kitchen, They will be able to see their food, being prepped, cooked and plated ready to be served. This will be available on phones, tablets, even directly online from home for those who’d like to pre-order meals.

All of Live Resto Lounge’s entertainment shows will also be streamed. The Grand Opening will feature Reflex Sun with their very versatile, diverse, repertoire that should cater to music lovers of all types. Beyond the Grand Opening, Roshun’s vast marketing experience, garnered over the past ten years from his having owned his own Marketing and Advertising Development company, will be used to actively promote and publicize all the exciting happenings that will be taking place at Live Resto Lounge.

“Start the change, if you want regular stuff go to the normal places, but if you want something different come here!”

That’s the challenge Roshun would advocate to Live Resto Lounge’s potential patrons. As such, most evenings and particularly during the Thursday – Sunday extended weekend period its daily offerings will be expected to include a 5-8:00 pm dinner rush, followed by a couple of hours of live entertainment, featuring music bands, comedy shows perhaps even a dance troupe or two and possibly also some spoken word, leading to a 10:00 pm onward availability of popular deejays spinning the very latest dance tunes.

Beyond the events and entertainment though, Roshun’s hopes are that it will be Live Resto Lounge’s cross cultural menu, which features both Mediterranean and Caribbean delicious food fare choices that will function as its major calling card. Among the former are poutiness, calamari, fried shrimp and wantons. The Caribbean offerings feature mainly curries: goat, chicken, duck or shrimp and jerk dishes. Dhal and Corn Soup are also among the many enticing offerings.
While there, I had a chance to sample Live Resto’s Curry Goat, the Calamari and an appetizer tray of breaded shrimp, spring rolls and fried wantons as well. Served with white rice and a garden salad the curry goat was mouth wateringly delicious. The meat was as tender as could be and the curry sauce had a refreshing, not so subtle kick to it that was sufficiently “spicy” as to have left me somewhat watery eyed!

The fried calamari was similarly, enjoyably tender. Likewise, all that could be said about the shrimp, spring rolls and fried wantons, was that they were individually and collectively delicious to the taste.

With daily Specials ranging in price from $6.99 – $13.99 and including such items as fettuccine alfredo. Live Resto Lounge’s Lunch menu should also prove itself sufficiently attractive to those who may be in the vicinity and in search of a quick bite. The restaurant and its menu items have already become a big hit among many of the employees of the Ajax BMW Dealership, which is located, just across the road, obliquely opposite to Live Resto Lounge.

“Something For Everyone” will indeed be on offer at Ajax’s Live Resto Lounge. Sufficiently so for it to be worthy of a visit by any and everyone who enjoys good quality food, well served in an attractive ambiance.