Christian Charities Valentine’s Dance A Wonderful Evening!

Saturday, February 14, marked the Guyana Christian Charities Canada’s hosting of the 2018 edition of its annual Valentine’s Dinner & Dance. A sold out crowd of approximately 450 patrons, elegantly dressed in their “ Sunday best,” were in attendance at what turned out to be a delightful, thoroughly enjoyable evening.

As official guests of Fuh Fun, the Resident Love Goddess and myself were seated at the band’s table, #1. That afforded me, as Frenchman voyeur inclined as I often tend to be, with a delightful bird’s eye view of the entire, attractively Valentine’s red themed decorated, Peter & Paul Banquet hall. It also allowed me to accurately evaluate the dance floor’s indicative response to the music provided by both Fuh Fun and the resident Deejay, the ever-popular Bakes.

I am delighted to report that, as was evidenced by the dance floor being almost throughout, both were in superb form. Fuh Fun in particular got the evening’s dancing on the way with a slow reggae spiced opening set that was as ideally suited for the attendance, as it was superbly executed. Although their second set might have been arguably just a wee bit too jumpy soca oriented, they were back to their very best in the final set. The highlight of which was a Drifters melody that had all the three steppers, myself included, in absolute ecstasy.

Apart from the outstanding music, the other most noticeable aspect of the evening that contributed to it being so outstandingly enjoyable, was the harmonic ethnic diversity of the actual attendees. The almost equal amounts of Indo, Afro and ‘Potagee” Guyanese in attendance was a most wonderful exhibition of Guyanese-Canadian Community harmony. Thanks to Malcolm Cho Kee and his family there was also even a most impressive delegation of Chinese Guyanese.

uch a wonderful representation of Guyana’s many ethnicities is sadly not often seen at other community functions, which more often than not tend rather unfortunately to be singular in their ethnic representation.

The Guyana Christian Charities’ Valentine’s Dinner & Dance organizers should now be highly commended for what was again a most wonderful evening. So too should Fuh Fun and Bakes for their respective outstanding musical contributions. Kudos to all.