Cockspur Brand Sold

CASTRIES, St.Lucia GEL Supermarkets (St Lucia) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL), has concluded an agreement to sell its majority interest in International Brand Developers N.V., owner of the Cockspur rum brand.

GEL has had a long association with the Cockspur brand, dating back to the days when it sponsored the Cockspur Gold Cup Race in the early 1980s. This race and the promotion of it for 15 consecutive years, helped to propel the Cockspur rum brand to the position of market leader.

Following this success, the Cockspur brand had been met with aggressive campaigns from other brands and changing market forces, and so, options were explored to grow the brand. GEL then investigated various options for the future of the brand as it determined that the spirits industry no longer fitted in with its business strategy.

In terms of changes as a result of the sale, the headquarters for Cockspur will be at the WR Group’s corporate base in Woodland, St George, Barbados. Highly
motivated individuals will be recruited to work with a network of distributors globally to aggressively market the brand, while local distribution for the brand will remain with Hanschell Inniss Limited, a subsidiary of GEL. The brand will continue to be produced in Barbados