Destination Guyana: Genesis Carnival El Dorado Beckons

Guyana Carnival is a privately owned festival in Georgetown Guyana, during May 18th – 27th. It’s an amalgamation of influential entertainment bodies, the Government of Guyana and other key stakeholders to create a new exciting product to boost tourism, entertainment, and nightlife in our emerging city.

It will attract thousands of tourists, locals and carnival chasers daring to indulge in something new and exciting.

Guyana’s Carnival will offer a premium experience fused with flavors of Guyana and the Caribbean creating the perfect ambience for mas chasers, tourists and locals to celebrate!

Genesis, which signifies “the Beginning” will be comprised of 5 Sections, each with approximately 300-500 masqueraders. In this and its future monthly Issues Caribbean Graphic will be pleased to portray Genesis various Sections beginning with El Dorado and Stabroek.

El Dorado
Even though El Dorado is yet to be discovered, our conquerors believed this great city of wealth can be found somewhere in the interior of Guyana. The gold and diamonds found in Guyana signifies the wealth and riches so many had lust for over many centuries.

Costume Prices
Frontline – USD $650.00
Includes: Body wear, wings, tiara, necklace, legs, thigh pieces, cuffs
Backline – USD $450.00
Includes: Monokini, tiara, necklace with feathered arm piece, wristbands, thighs
Add-ons – N/A
Male – USD $350.00
Includes: Board shorts, head band, belt, neck piece, arm pieces