Exciting Artiste Lineups Slated For 2018 Culture Bridge Festival!

The two day July 14-15, 2018 Culture Bridge Festival will feature an exciting slate of performers, including Bollywood Divas and Reggae artiste Jason Lindo. The Festival will be hosted by the City of Newmarket and staged at its Riverwalk Commons waterfront Park.

The Saturday., July 14 Programme, which gets started at 4:00 pm will feature a Tabla House performance, Kerala Dances by local children, the aforementioned Bollywood Divas, the 2018 Panorama Junior Indian Idol Aditya Matkar, Ontario’s Bhangra Crew, the Topaz Ensemble and illusionist Raman Sharma. It’s closing item will be a “neighborhood Jam” with Divya Viviekanandan.

On Sunday, July 15, the 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm programme will commence with a performance by the Chinese Collective Dance Troupe. There will also be a Violinist performance, Japanese drumming, dances by the Irish Dance Studio and the Italian Music Theatre, Canadian Stage Territorial Tales, performances by Sentir Venezuela, the Bangladesh Geetanjali Music Academy and Raizes Portuguesas. A Dominica Fashion Show, Jason Lindo’s Reggae, the Equadorian Imbayakunas and the African Drumming Circle will close the curtains on the two day Festival.

The Culture Bridge Festival is an annual initiative of the Newmarket based Culture Bridges Initiative. The Association’s Guyanese-born CEO, Ranji Singh was recently conferred with the prestigious Civic Leadership Award by York Regional Services Police Board.