Fly Jamaica Working Feverishly To Clear Backlogs

When it rains, it often pours. Ever since the grounding of an aircraft attached to Fly Jamaica’s fleet over two weeks ago, the airline has been battling with a massive backlog. Hundreds of travellers booked with Fly Jamaica Airways over the past week have been left stranded at the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York and Pearson International in Toronto, Canada, ultimately resulting in a buildup of passengers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport; given that there has been an interruption to both in-bound and out-bound services in Guyana.

Even with the airline’s administration being forced to seek refuge by chartering an aircraft operating through another international fleet, passengers are still awaiting their flights out of the CJIA, while those returning home were faced with an endless list of inconveniences.

On Thursday last, the world’s largest twinjet, a Boeing 777 attached to Omni Airways in the United States, made a historical touchdown at the CJIA, carrying 377 of Fly Jamaica’s customers, who were delayed in their return from New York for a number of days.

However, a simultaneous flight was set to relieve passengers stranded in Canada on Friday, September 25 but the Omni Airways 767 domestic jet had allegedly missed its allotted take off time while taxiing to the runway, and as such, was grounded for an entire day.

An excess of 260 passengers finally landed in Guyana on Sunday,September 27 only to discover that some of their luggage did not make the flight out of Canada.

Nevertheless, Fly Jamaica Airways has, over the past few days, announced that they are working feverishly to put an end to the delays and return their service to normalcy. In fact, the carrier has announced that the grounded aircraft is currently undergoing repairs to its engine but is expected to be back on the runway within the coming week.