Fly Jamaica’s Boeing 767 Back In Operation

Following a number of delays in flight operations, Fly Jamaica Airways has been able to reservice one of its Boeings. The company’s Boeing 767-300ER is now back in operation, having made its way to New York on January 11.

Airline representatives indicated that the plane travelled to New York with passengers and that further relief has come to those left stranded as a result of the delays. A statement on the company’s website had said that Fly Jamaica Airways’ aircraft were undergoing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance checks. This affected the company’s ability to adequately facilitate passengers travelling during the peak Christmas and New Year’s period.

Fly Jamaica said it sought the intervention of third party entities, but they too were experiencing difficulty due to adverse weather conditions in the form of harsh and heavy snowfall. Numerous passengers had taken to social media to air their frustration and concerns. This caused the local aviation body to summon the company on the delays. Measures such as placing a 24-hour call centre were put in place to offer information and other assistance to passengers.

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority had said that the company assured them that its own Boeing 767 would be operational by Thursday January 11, “to relieve the backlog of passengers left stranded in Guyana and other destinations” Additionally, Fly Jamaica said it was leasing another plane–a Boeing 757–to ease the passengers they had waiting in Kingston and New York. Fly Jamaica is Guyanese owned, but based in Kingston Jamaica.

It operates scheduled flights from Guyana to Kingston, Jamaica; Toronto, Canada and New York, USA.