GCTC Official Logo Launched!

The Guyana-Canada Tourism Council (GCTC) has approved its new official Logo for public disclosure. The logo was formally adopted at the Council’s February 15 monthly meeting.

The new GCTC logo will be featured on the Council’s forthcoming website. It will also be included on the page one top banner for the Guyana Tourism Supplements, which have been designated for inclusion in each of Caribbean Graphic’s monthly Online Issues. It will also of course, serve as the letterhead for all official Council correspondence.

The logo’s final design, which was the brainchild of Council member Tony McWatt, was evolved from an initial submission provided by Angela Thomas. The final approved design features the flag colored map of Guyana overlaid on a red Canadian maple leaf. At the center of the Guyana map is a photo of the country’s famously rare Cock Of The Rock bird.

McWatt’s suggestion for the inclusion of the Cock Of The Rock bird was accepted by the Council over initial recommendations for the use of a photo of either Kaieteur Falls or a jaguar, as symbols of Guyana’s Tourism attractions. The rationale for the preferred choice of the Cock Of The Rock was that it was the very first bird seen by the four members of the GCTC initiated, Fly Jamaica sponsored, Guyana FAM Tour, which took place last November. Symbolically the Cock Of The Rock is also representative of Guyana Tourism’s often touted intended targeting of bird watchers as a primary promotional target market.

The “ loop closing” circular placement of the Council’s Guyana-Canada Tourism Council’s official name at the top and bottom of the logo’s image was the provided suggestion of Guyana’s Tourism Director General Donald Sinclair. The formation of the GCTC last June was a direct outcome of the Guyana Tourism Forum, Sinclair had hosted in Toronto the previous month.

The GCTC is governed by a nine member Executive Committee under the Chairmanship of Roraima Travel Owner & CEO Syed Rayman. Lindsay Davidson (Vice Chair), Teddy Boyce (Acct.Secretary-Treasurer), Prof. Mohammed Khan, Tony McWatt, Louis Adams, Angela Thomas, Stanton Carter and Cyril Bryan are the Council’s other Executive Committee members. Acct.Toronto Counsul General Candida Daniels has also functioned as an Ex-Officio Member of the Council.

The Guyana-Canada Tourism Council’s Mission Statement is to facilitate the further promotion of Guyana as an attractive tourism destination.