Guyana Poised To Benefit From Sustainable Tourism

Guyana is well poised to use Sustainable Tourism for development since it takes into account the current economic social environmental impact and addresses the needs of visitors and host communities, this is according to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Country Economist Dr. Mark Wenner.

At a recent event hosted by the Guyana Tourism Authority, Dr. Wenner noted that Sustainable Tourism will require much more effort and resources but the reward will be great. He drew attention to the features that will allow Guyana to attract tourists who indorse sustainable tourism.

“Given these natural riches, plus a largely agrarian base of the economy, and a rich diversity of ethnic and racial groups Guyana is well suited to attract those persons interested in nature based adventure, rural and ethnographic tourism,” Dr. Wenner said. He noted that the country has the potential to “attract those who want to observe and photograph wildlife, who want to hike fish, camp, kayak a boat, dive, mountain climb, trek, mountain bike rally across the country in vehicles, white water raft, visit working farms and ranches, attend agricultural festivals, attend ethnic and religious festivals, indulge in wellness activities and visit indigenous communities as well as historical sites.”

Webber said, when compared to other Caribbean territories, Guyana is blessed with much more land-based diversity, and a wider range of possible outdoor activities.  He recommended that like Costa Rica, New Zealand and Botswana, Guyana should follow sustainable nature-based and rural tourism.