Guyanese-Canadian Reggae Artiste Making Waves!

I am known but I am still not known,” said Alwin Nurse, a Guyanese- Canadian Reggae/Dancehall recording artiste who has not only been making waves with his music on the international scene, but has gained recognition for performing with some popular artistes over the years.

Essentially, Nurse, whose recording name is Negus, exists to do all things music. But his exceptional musical talent, which is extensive, is still evolving.

Back in the day he performed alongside several Jamaican artistes including: Beenie Man, Buju Banton and Red Rat. He even collaborated with yet another Jamaican artiste, Konshens, to produce a provocative dancehall track ‘Dah whine deh’ in 2013. In fact, Negus has more than 50 songs to his name.

Although he was producing songs long before that, it might have been his collaboration with the Jamaica artistes that really gave him the nudge in the right direction. Although grateful for the recognition that came with the collaborations, Negus said that it came with the realisation that many were under the impression that he was a Jamaican artiste.

This was in spite of the fact that he was born and raised in Guyana. Negus recalled growing up in Middle Road, Albouystown, Georgetown. He attended the St. Pius Primary School but by the time he was seven years old he was living between Trinidad and Guyana because of family circumstances. However, about a decade ago he took up residence in Canada.

Negus revealed that throughout the years he has had an ingrained desire to be involved in music – a passion he might have inherited from his father, Kenneth Nurse, aka Small Man, who was the manager for Mingles Sound Machine.

Among Negus’s most popular tracks, which can be found all over the internet, are Believe in Yourself, Rat Race, Love You Forever, Act Crazy and many more. Some of these were produced by entities in Guyana.

He was making the final arrangements to produce a video for his latest single – ‘Nuzzle-Up’ which is yet to be officially released.

But according to the 35-year-old, although he hails from Guyana and is familiar with many local DJs, he has been receiving much more airplay and push from Jamaica, other Caribbean Islands and Canada too.