Hezron: Reggae’s Next Biggest Thing?

March 2018 marked the first visit to Canada for International Reggae Artist Hezron. After a long awaited CD release (which has seen hit after hit of both love songs and socially conscience tunes), Hezron and his team from Delight Entertainment Canada set about a two week long media and performance tour across Southern Ontario.

The tour had many stops including Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford, Guelph and numerous small towns in between. Among its many interesting and successful events was Hezron’s involvement in an acoustic songwriter circle which featured many other talented artists, including acclaimed harp player Ruth Sutherland. During the performance Laurie Wonfor Nolan painted a portrait of the artists and the event was followed up by a performance by Hezron with a band that brought people from many communities together for a night of Reggae music.

To celebrate an ending to his successful tour a party, which had many music industry leaders in attendance, was held in his honour. Among those present was Donisha Predergast (Bob and Rita Marley’s Granddaughter) who cooked an Ital stew and lead the guests in conversation about the Reggae Music industry.

Each and every city that heard Hezron perform or talk about his musical journey has been moved by his mezmerizing voice and style. Because of his songwriting and enchanting lyrics (with a well tuned balance between sweet harmony in his love songs and a raw soulful passion in his socially conscience music), Hezron has been slated by many media sources as being well on his way to becoming the next biggest thing to happen to Reggae music.