Jamaica’s National Stadium To Be Refurbished

KINGSTON, The calls have been long and many for the refurbishing of the National Stadium in Kingston, and a major upgrade of the almost 55-year-old facility now seems set to finally come to pass.

However, despite the advancement of the planning phase, a US$45.04-million budget now stands in the way of what is expected to be a minimum five-year project – once all the funds have been acquired.

This aspect is likely to be covered by the Government in partnership with the private sector, as was explained by Major Desmon Brown, general manager of Independence Park, the operators of the National Stadium.

Once the funds are in place, Brown pointed out that the project will be executed over four phases, to continue the accommodation of various events to be staged inside the popular venue at a particular time of the year.

No more than 10,000 seats of the near 30,000-capacity stadium are expected to be affected during each phase of the renovation.

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