Laurels & Darts!

Here are this past August month’s Laurels and a couple of unfortunately well deserved Darts. One of the Darts will surely come as a bit of a surprise to some and might even cause some raised eyebrows among others.




Topnotch Employment Founder, President and CEO Terry Sawh for the excellent example set in the celebrations for the Company’s 25th Anniversary this month. Sawh approved the publication of a glossy souvenir magazine which has chronicled his personal success and his Company’s journey and which can now serve as a blueprint for others to emulate. He also hosted a 25th Anniversary Sunday Picnic for current and former employees, friends and clients that was superbly organized with lots of food, drinks and entertainment.

Tony Chankar and the entire United West Indian Trinbago Association ( crew for their very well organized hosting of their 2nd Annual Picnic on Sunday, August 27 at Pickering’s Petticoat Creek Conservation Area. The Lakeview venue was ideal, the provided entertainment was superb and the acquired Corporate support was impressive. So too was the attendance. Kudos to all.


The Avenue Restaurant Management, Brandon, Dave and Co for their admiral hosting of multiple community events this summer. First there was the mega successful Stage Beer Official Canada Launch. This was quickly followed by the immensely enjoyable, very well organized Sailing With Carib August 13 Boat Cruise. To complete the triad there was the reportedly well attended Annual Duck Off Competition held at the Restaurant on Sunday August 26. What’s next on the Agenda?


Rahanna Khan and her entire Friday August 4 Soca 2 Go Boat Ride crew for what must surely rank as one of the worst organized, over priced boat cruises ever hosted by a Canadian Caribbean community group. From the falsely advertised “three levels of music”, to the highly misleading “buffet dinner” (FYI, buffet implies self service not someone providing you with two measly pieces of chicken on a mountain of chow mein and fried rice!) it was an absolute disaster and a huge embarrassment as a reflection of Guyanese-Canadian enterprise. Hardly worth the $60 price tag. Hopefully you can do much better next year!



Our Publisher’s somewhat personally thrown darts to at least three of the five playing members of the Fuh Fun Band for disappointing, disrespectful sponsor treatment. Acknowledgement of those who have provided outstanding support and public promotion of your band activities, should be a given on their special occasions not forgotten or worse completely ignored. The cost of such unfortunate negligence may yet prove to be the complete loss of future support.