Legacy Ensured Commemorative Magazine Celebrates Lionel Bedessee’s Life!

Legacy Ensured, a forty-page, five by eight, magazine booklet has been published in celebration of the life of the Bedessee family patriarch and company founder Lionel M Bedessee, who passed away last March. The magazine, which also celebrates Bedessee Imports forty-year company history as a major food distributor, was recently released to mark the first year anniversary of Lionel Bedessee’s March 11, 2017 passing.

Produced and edited by TeeMac’s Publisher, Tony McWatt, Legacy Ensured’s forty pages traces Lionel Bedessee’s own personal entrepreneurial development, as well as that of the Company. From his humble beginnings as a “ Bicycle Businessman” in Guyana’s #59 Courantyne village, Lionel Bedessee together with his wife Evelyn, two daughters Pamela and Rose and five sons Verman, Ravi, Rayman, Chubb and Invor have ultra successfully transformed Bedessee Imports from its modest 1977 Queen Street, Toronto first store opening into the multi-million dollar internationally recognized entity it has long since become.

Commenting on the publication, Lionel’s spouse Evelyn has said that it is a “superbly done, nice job” booklet of which her husband would have been very proud.

Bedessee February 17, 2018 Family Sraddha
Paying homage to the life and memory of Lionel M Bedessee.