Man Shot 7 Times By Police

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Mikeal “Short Buck” Lancaster was shot three times in the head and four times in the chest at close range, an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, has revealed.

Lancaster’s mother, Susan Sealey, has called on the authorities to launch a full investigation into the incident, saying her son was unarmed and did not resist the officers.

“It had two big wounds to the back of his head and one to the temple and it had to be close range because they shot him in his room. They pushed him back into his room and killed him. There was no shootout. He did not have any gun on him,” Sealey told local media after the autopsy, which was conducted by Dr Hughvon des Vignes.

Initially, it was reported that Lancaster had been shot and killed during an alleged shootout with police while at his Dan Kelly, Picton Road, Laventille home.

However, his 52-year-old mother said she was at home when about seven police stormed into her house.

“They told me they had a warrant but they never presented anything to me. The evidence could show I have nothing to lie about. When he come out his room they pushed him back. I thought they would have been handcuffing him, next thing I see a police woman run back because she saw when they were going to shoot him and she ran back because she didn’t want to pick up any bullets.”

Sealey said she only heard two loud gunshots, noting they must have covered up the other ones.

“When they done shoot him they bring him out in a sheet and placed him on a platform to breeze out. I saw blood spraying out and I asked them why they had to shoot my son like that, so many times. The police try to run me but I did not move.”

Residents staged a fiery protest at the John John traffic lights following the shooting, forcing motorists attempting to enter and exit the capital city through the Beetham flyover, Eastern Main Road and the Priority Bus Route to come to a standstill. Laventille MP Fitzgerald Hinds also had to intervene to calm the situation.

Lancaster was one of three men shot by police over the February 19 weekend.