Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) – Skilled Worker Overseas Category

Canadian Immigration allows the Provinces to nominate immigrants who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute economically to that Province or Territory. Each Province/Territory has their own set of Criterions and the Candidate may be selected from the Express Entry Pool, depending on the options the Candidate has selected in their Profile.

We will take a look at the Manitoba Programme – Skilled Worker Overseas Category. Anyone applying under this Stream must show that they have an established connection to Manitoba (Manitoba Support) – either through the support of family members or friends, previous education or Work Experience in the Province or through an Invitation to Apply received from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Manitoba Support – A Manitoba Supporter is a family member of friend, who is a resident of the Province for at least a year and is willing and able to endorse the applicant’s plan to settle and find employment in their community.

Manitoba Experience – this means that you have lived in the Province as a Temporary Foreign Worker or as an International Student. You must also show that you have received sufficient points for language, employability, education, age and adaptability – based on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme Self-Assessment Workshop.

Exploratory Visits – Eligibility criteria to participate in visits include:

  • Applicants should be between ages 21 – 45
  • Can show that you do not have a stronger connection to another Province
  • Can demonstrate employability and adaptability required
  • Have completed at least a one-year post-secondary education or training diploma/degree or certificate programme
  • Have at least two years full-time work experience, within the last five years
  • Have at least a CLB 5 in each Category on your English Test Results

It is important to review the criterions for the various programmes before submitting your profile. Most programmes require English Test Results and Assessment of your education, if your Tertiary Level Education was not completed in Canada.

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