Mid Year Changes For Caribbean Graphic!

July 1 will mark the beginning of this year’s second half and as such is as good a time as any to implement changes that will hopefully provide new
impetus, direction and ultimately better results. So for Caribbean Graphic, commencing with our first July Issue which will be out on the 12th, we will
be abandoning our previous twice a month schedule in favor of a monthly production.

The reduction from two to only one Issue each month, will hopefully allow us to provide our Readers with much improved content that has been assembled with far less haste. It will also offer our committed, longstanding Advertisers, the comfort of having to make only one payment for space that will be proportionately larger than that which they had received in the past.

Graphic’s design and content direction will also change with its new production schedule. As is evident from the introductory changes that have already been made in this Issue, the content will be far less transient news oriented and far more inclined towards articles that are sustainable. Those of a type which can be read at leisure over any period of time. In short, we will be seeking henceforth to share much more that’s knowledge based and less of what is simply informational.

Our distribution methods will also change. As most other publications have long since discovered, appreciated and adopted, digital distribution of online
copies of publications is far more efficient, widespread and significantly less costly. As a Reader, with a mere tap of your computer screen’s send command,
you can share copies of an article you have read with interest with any number of individuals that exist within your personal contact database. Whether
these be in the tens, hundreds, thousands or in the case of some social media “junkies,” tens of thousands.

Printed copies of any publication afford you no such luxury. They also require of you the associated investment of the time and travel required to go
to the specific location where copies are available to secure one for yourself.

With relatively limited circulation Community newspapers such as ours, more often than not, that becomes a lottery. Two hundred copies of Caribbean
Graphic dropped off at any of the ultra popular Charlie’s Grocery stores, either east in Scarborough at Morningside and Sheppard or west in Mississauga at
Hurontario and Dundas, will vanish in mere hours. Disappearing so quickly as to cause severe disappointment among all those who were not there early
enough as to secure a copy.

Within our community and among our readership, there are of course, still some printed copy diehards who remain steadfast in their avoidance of computers and other digital devices, such as smart phones. Solely for these individuals we will continue to print a limited number of copies of each Issue.

We will also be exploring the implementation of specific alternative ways of guaranteeing their receipt of printed copies.

Such plans will be developed over the ensuing months. In the interim, our primary, immediate, focus will be on the provision of content that is so enjoyably interesting and educational that those in receipt of online copies will want to immediately share with as many others within their contact base.

If it proves itself to be stimulating enough and worth of being shared our, the effects of geometric progression will allow our Issues content to be spread far
and wide,. Again, far more quickly and efficiently than printed copies could ever achieve.

With some targeted topic areas, particularly in our ongoing promotion of Caribbean tourism and of opportunities for involvement and investment within the Region, our hope will actually be for our content reach to go way.