Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme – Human Capital – Masters Graduate Stream

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Programme (OINP) is now accepting applications from students who have completed their Master’s Degree from an eligible institution in Ontario and meet other requirements below. You do not need a job offer in order to apply under this stream. Please note that the OINP has separate fees from IRCC – the fee to apply under the Master’s Graduate Stream is $1500C.

  1. Education – completed their Master’s Degree from an eligible Ontario Institution and apply within two years of obtaining said Degree. The programme should have been at least 15 hours per week of instruction, including any work experience that forms a part of the programme
  2. Language – Applicants must have a high language Proficiency. They need to obtain at least a Canadian Language Benchmark of at least 7.0 on their English or French Test and the test results should not be more than one year old.
  3. Show proof that you have resided in Ontario for at least one year in the last two years, before the submission date of your application. Proof include phone/utility bills, Lease agreement and pay stubs. Credit Card statements are not acceptable for proof of residence.
  4. Have enough funds/income to show that you can support yourself and your family – you should either have enough savings or a job offer to show that you meet the income requirements.
  5. You intend to reside in Ontario – you will be required to show your ties to Ontario – eg. A job offer, family ties, Education in Ontario etc.
  6. Must be residing in Ontario with legal status or currently living outside of Canada. If you are residing in Canada, but in another Province you would not qualify.

Students with a Return Obligation to their home country
If you are an international student and you received subsidies, grants or home scholarships and have obligations to your home country; you must return to your home country or Jurisdiction once you complete. Before submitting an application, ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for the Category under which you are applying.

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