Ontario Masters Impress At Orlando Cup

The Ontario Masters team participated in the recent Orlando Cup, which was held from March 16 to 18 in Orlando, Florida. According to the team’s manager, Azeem Khan, who is also the president of the Ontario Masters Softball Cricket Clubs, the Canadian team showed true grit and sportsmanship throughout their performances.

Given that the Canadians do not play with the white ball and haven’t played outdoors since last September, the Canadians put on a very impressive show and made it to the semi-finals. Kudos from several other teams were directed to the Ontario Masters who won two out of the three preliminary games, falling just a bit by two runs to Guyana Floodlight, a team that has the luxury of playing all year round.

Prior to leaving Orlando, the Canadian team was treated with true Guyanese hospitality, hosted by Ramcho (Tiger) Singh (4th from left with white hat and short pants). Formerly from Essequibo Coast, “Tiger” Singh was a masterful cricketer who played at different levels throughout Guyana and in Toronto as well. He now enjoys playing softball cricket Orlando.