Pot Purri Page Placements

In the now 12th year of its existence as a Caribbean Community newspaper, this Caribbean Graphic Masthead Page 4, has hosted a wide variety of contributed content. There have been Columns by noted scribes, of which Sir Ronald Sanders was arguably the most internationally recognized, as well as guest editorials from Caribbean regional newspapers. Within last year’s last few Issues, there was even a Laurels and Darts feature which highlighted both the deserving and undeserving activities of some members of our Caribbean Canadian Community.

Commencing with this first monthly Issue of the 2018 New Year, in addition to the regular Page Top Commentaries from Caribbean Graphic’s Publisher Tony McWatt, this space will henceforth feature a pot pourri of content, varying from one Issue to next. Towards that end we are pleased to start that trend with a most relevant poem on Sugar from the highly popular Guyanese-Canadian Poet Peter Jailall, who just recently on January 9 past celebrated another birthday milestone.

By Peter Jailall
On de estate
Suga is not sweet,me love
We who live there know.
We have tasted suga’s daily bitterness,
So when they ask in perfect English:
WHO IS Marginalized?
We does sing:
Rum kill me Papa
Rum kill me Ajah
Rum kill me Nana
Rum kill de breadwinna
In de whole family.
On de estate
Suga is not sweet, me love
Ask dem cane-cuttas who wake up at 4 A clack
By crowing fowl cack
Fu face stink trench, black dust
Rain an bun cane
On de estate
Suga is not sweet,me love
Like Jesus Christ,
We carry ahbe cutlish
Around ahbe shoulda
Ben donk fu face ahbe daily crucifixion
Bearing de whip of the naked sun
On ahbe naked back
Hating ourselves.
On de estate
Life is not sweet,me love
Ahbe picknie baan poor, live poor and die poor
While dem dadee cut cane
Fu sweeten other people’s lives
Who dress well
Eat wid knife and fark
Read book, cut big english
Ahbe picknie continue fu punish….