Raising Funds For The Queen Of Hearts

Alicia DeFour, Lindsay Addawoo and Kyisha Williams are three young ladies who have poured their impressive combined creative talents into the production of Queen of Hearts, a ten minute short film. The three young ladies have also embarked upon a major project to raise the $10,000 that’s required for funding the film’s final production.

Queen of Hearts is about an all-powerful, black, supernatural Queen in a fictional Victorian kingdom. The film is a magical infusion of West African culture in a historically European setting. It offers a creative glimpse into the life of a complex Queen, whose world is shattered when she discovers that the love of her life is not who she thought he was. She soon discovers also, that there is a correlation between her overwhelming pain and supernatural powers which makes it difficult for her to differentiate between right and wrong, With succubus-like abilities that arise in moments of great distress, she fights to protect herself and her loved ones against all those who want what she controls.

Born in Canada to Caribbean parents, her Mom Pauline is Jamaican, while Dad Garvin boasts a proud Trinidadian heritage, the Ryerson University educated Alicia DeFour is the Producer of Queen’s of Hearts. Addawoo and Williams are the film’s Co-Writers and Directors.

Funds for the film’s $10,000 target budget are being raised through an online crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign. Those interested in finding out more about the film and perhaps contributing to the budget of this most worthy initiative can access further information as follows:

Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/queen-of-hearts-short-film-feminism–3#/
Website: https://www.queenofheartsfilm.ca/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/queenofheartsfilm/