Region 10 Hosts Tourism Workshop

GEORGETOWN, As part of an initiative to boost tourism and develop hotspots in the Regions, the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Business in collaboration with the Region Ten Tourism Authority hosted a Tourism Planning Workshop on Friday, April 7th at the Linden Enterprise Network.

Director General of Tourism, Donald Sinclair, said that the workshop is to spread the planning of tourism in all the Regions and what is occurring in Linden will be happening in all the Regions of Guyana.

He stated that a similar session was held in Region Seven just two weeks ago where they listed their tourism Hotspots.

“I hope that at the end of this session we will have a Green List of Tourism Hotspots in Region Ten. Also the participants will decide what are the lines of action needed to bring those hotspots to full fledged tourism attractions that will be generating revenues, generating employment for Region Ten.”

Sinclair said that Region Ten has some interesting attractions and also some challenges but noted that the Region has an industrial heritage which according to him is unique in Guyana.

“Linden was the home of the Bauxite Industry and I thought more should have been done for the celebration of Linden being 100 years as a mining town.

It is also possible and I hope that with the proposal for the development for an industrial park it will showcase the industrial heritage of Linden; because as you know bauxite is very important to Linden and to Guyana as a whole.”

Sinclair posited that the Demerara River which runs through Region Ten is an added attraction for Linden, during the River Front Festival.

He claims that the River Front offers enormous possibilities for Tourism once the activities are properly conceptualized and planned.

He shared his experience of a visit to a picturesque riverfront with a farm that cultivated coconuts and watermelons. The Director General of Tourism mentioned Linden’s proud Sporting Heritage, and said that it can be developed.

He also named a few of the Heritage sites such as the ‘Water Wheel’, the ‘Sawmill’ and the Kwakwani Waterfront which he calls ‘scenic’.

He said that for Tourism to be developed several factors must be taken into consideration such as tourism appeal, accessibility, safety and services among others.