Strictly Laurels & A Pet Peeve Dart

This is now that magical. Much anticipated, Christmas time of year for sharing love and goodwill. As such, except for the venting of one small generic pet peeve, we shall endeavor to maintain the spirit of the Season by issuing just Laurels and no specifically targeted Darts.

A most deserving Laurel to Centum Anava Financing Mortgage Broker Rudy Lochan for the December 16 hosting of his annual Christmas party. Attended as it was by scores of appreciative guests from all walks of life, including two prominent community politicians, a poet, some Real Estate practitioners and a couple of well known media types, it was a highly enjoyable evening. Lots of good food, a well stocked bar and sing along entertainment ensured that a “good time was had by all!” Well-done Rudy.

A Laurel too to well known Community Lawyer Dhaman Kissoon, for his quarterbacked hosting of the Santa attended thirteenth Annual Advocates For Etobicoke Youth (AFEY) Children’s Christmas Party. We are sure that each and every one of the scores of kids who were invited to attend would have thoroughly enjoyed their experience of meeting Santa. They would also have appreciated receiving a gift direct from the Jolly fellow, so soon before Christmas Eve. Thanks Dhaman for your highly commendable efforts towards making Christmas that much brighter for so many kids.

Last but now least a twin Laurel award to the dynamic duo of Terry Sawh and Dr Narendra Sawh for their fundraising efforts, towards proving badly needed medical supplies for the Queen Elizabeth hospital in hurricane ravaged Dominica. It’s heartening to note that two individuals that are as well established as they both are have found it necessary to dedicate their time and efforts to such a worthy cause. Hopefully the outstanding example of generosity that they have set will be followed by many others, so that the campaign can indeed receive the level of support it undoubtedly deserves.

Finally by way of a generic Dart, as kids growing up, we were always thought that it is very bad manners to wear a hat while seated at a dining table. Noting peeves us more therefore, than to have to observe at almost every community Dinner Gala we have ever attended the invariable tendency for some ill-mannered bozo to show up in a hat and keep it on while dining. Just the other day at the annual Enbridge Christmas Party, held at the prestigious Le Parc Banquet Hall and attended by almost 400 splendidly attired guests, who should show up in a “reago” Kongul hat, but one of the few “Brothers” that were invited. Maybe for 2018 the more classy oriented female members of our community should ensure that this practice becomes less repeated. Hosting organizations should also consider including on their Gala Dinner functions ticket invitations “dress code in effect, no hats allowed!”
Seasons Greetings To All!