Ten Years Of High Quality Musical Entertainment Provided Just “Fuh Fun!”

Roughly ten years ago, three musically oriented members of the Guyanese-Canadian community along with a fourth Jamaican-born close friend came up with the idea of utilizing their musical talents by forming a band. Their decided main purpose in doing was born of the desire to provide quality musical entertainment for others simply for the joyous fun of doing so. It was June 2008 and that was the premise under which the band Fuh Fun was created. It’s name creolezed in typical Guyanese fashion to reflect both its origins and purpose.

In the ten years that have passed since that momentous decision was taken, Fuh Fun has long since grown from its original four man origins to a five person ensemble. The addition of Ingrid Veerasammy as its keyboard player and sole female member, has also equipped Fuh Fun with another front line singer to add to the obvious talents of the bands two main vocalists lead singer George DeSilva and guitar man Wayne Dalmada.

Drummer Rick DaSilva also occasionally chimes in with his customized vocal renditions of judiciously selected tunes. Fuh Fun’s fifth member, percussionist Brian Irwin, has however always demonstrated the utmost respect for his limitations as a vocalist by never ever harboring any such pretensions.

As a group of very talented, fully disciplined, admirably committed, fun oriented musicians, Fuh Fun has since its inception blossomed into becoming one of the Canadian Caribbean community’s most popular and well respected bands. Fuh Fun’s regular bookings include the annual dances of several Guyanese-Canadian Community Organizations, particularly the Alumni Associations. St Joseph’s High, St Rose’s High and St Stanislaus College are all regular users of Fuh Fun’s musical talents. So too is the Guyana Christian Charities Association.

Fuh Fun’s popular reputation, as a guaranteed crowd pleaser, has also resulted in its appearances at several events during Toronto’s outdoor summer season. The annual Last Lap Lime and the Scarborough Ribfest are two such major events the band has often graced with its appearances.

Fuh Fun has also been a hit at some of Toronto’s live music oriented bars and restaurants. Pickering’s Juke Box and Island Mix are among that mix as is Scarborough’s Tropical Nights, Tropix and Twilight.

As a band Fuh Fun’s strongest asset is its versatility. Its members can play anything and everything from Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Latin, Pop and Funk with admirable competence. Everything FuhFun’s five members play is also consistently produced with harmonies that are smooth, tight and delightfully irresistible. Their respective styles complement each other so well that the final musical product is always immensely pleasing to the ear.

If Versatility is FuhFun’s strongest characteristic as a band, infectious would be the best description for their music. Invariably their genuine enjoyment of playing together is always persuasive and often serving to fill venues. Those in  attendance find themselves unable to resist grooving to the intoxicating lure of FuhFun’s sweet music”. Thanks Fuh Fun for the past ten years of extremely enjoyable, high quality musical entertainment. Here’s to another ten years and may you continue to provide outstanding musical entertainment simply “fuh fun!”