Tourism A Significant Contributor To Guyana’s Development – Says Minister Gaskin

Minister of Business with responsibility for Tourism, Dominic Gaskin, has encouraged regional stakeholders to regard the tourism sector as a significant contributor to the development of Guyana.

“There is enormous potential in this industry’, it can hold its own against all the other well-established industries. We have a mindset that seems not to acknowledge tourism as a serious economic sector, but it is,” the Minister said. He was at the time addressing regional officials and stakeholders from Guyana’s ten administrative regions, who were attending a November 24 Tourism Planning Business Session at the Regency Suites.

In his remarks, the Minister noted that there is value in preserving Guyana’s natural habitat, adding that more needs to be done to attract visitors to the hinterland. “Hinterland tourism is the product that we are promoting and there is some unwritten or unspoken agreement that this is the strength of our tourism industry,” Minister Gaskin said.

Over the last four months, the Department of Tourism has been consulting with regional stakeholders to identify tourism hot spots. These will be included in the Draft Tourism Policy. The Session saw various recommendation being discussed and reviewed.

Some of the suggestions included Shell Beach, the Harpy Eagle’s nesting site, the Kissing Rock and the Hosororo Falls in Region One.

Other identified tourism hot spots include the Potaro River, the Eagle Mountain, and the North Pakaraimas- Expo and Safari in Region Eight. Region Six suggested sites include Orealla/ Siparuta, Number 63 and Bush Lot beaches, historical Berbice, Canje river and Agri- tours

Meetings will continue across the country after which the Ministry and the regional stakeholders will work together to have those identified hot spots further developed.