Travelling With An Expired Passport

So, you have booked your airline ticket and you are checking in at the airport, only to realize that your Passport has expired. What do you do? Depending on the country you are travelling to and if you are a dual Citizen, holding a Valid passport for the country you are travelling to, then you will be able to travel to that country. However, what about returning to Canada?

If you have a flight that leaves to Canada in less than 10 days and you have a Passport from a Visa-exempt country, you may be able to apply for special authorization to board your flight to return to Canada. In addition, you should have received a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or held a Canadian Passport in the past or were granted Canadian Citizenship after having been a Permanent Resident of Canada, in order to apply for said authorization.

If you do not qualify for the special authorization, you will need to contact the Canadian Consulate to apply for your Canadian Passport. Temporary Passports or emergency travel documents are issued on a case by case basis and only under strict conditions. Therefore, it is best to ensure that you have a valid Passport before making your travel arrangement, or plan to spend a few weeks in another country, trying to obtain said Canadian Passport. In order to apply for a Canadian Passport, you will need to show proof of Canadian Citizenship.

For most countries, they require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after your date of entry. Please note that you cannot use your Canadian Citizenship card as a travel document. For Canadian Permanent residents, whose PR card has/or will be expiring, you will need to apply for a Travel Document at the local Visa office. You will need to show proof that you have maintained your Permanent Residency status and qualify for the Travel document, in order to return to Canada.


Nadine Mahabeer is a weekly guest on “Immigration Mondays” on Nationwide 90FM in Jamaica – Monday mornings at 10am – streaming live on the Internet.