Twitchin Case Study

As a realtor who has been in the industry for many years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with many wonderful people from all walks of life. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and needs in the shortest possible time.

Joanna and Michael Twitchin lived in the neighbourhood of Thistletown for many years. They were privileged to be a part of the development of the rich culture of our neighbourhood.

I was over at the Twitchin’s house enjoying a lovely summer afternoon when they mentioned their retirement dreams of owning a piece of paradise in prestigious Muskoka, Ontario. Although it seemed difficult to achieve I knew that I could assist them in making their dreams a reality.

I assured them that this is something I can make happen and after gaining their confidence I immediately engaged my team to pursue this goal.

After extensive research and much work I was able to find the right home for them within a relatively short period of time. I then listed their former home and with extensive marketing, hard work and determination we were able to sell their home within a month. This was great news for both the Twitchins and me because we had achieved the goal within the time frame and stayed within the budget.

The Twitchins are currently enjoying the good life on their tranquil estate in Muskoka and always remember to stay in touch.

Anything in life is achievable as long as you believe and are prepared to put in the necessary work. I have helped many of my friends achieve their personal and financial goals and I can help you too.

Determining the price of your home is both an art and a science and I think I do it better than anyone.

Understanding the value of your home is a crucial step in determining if it is the right time to sell your home. I provide detailed, comprehensive, free home evaluations. These complimentary evaluations can help you determine how much equity you have in your home, the appreciation trends in your neighbourhood and other important statistics. I believe even if you are not considering selling your home today, that an annual market evaluation is an important undertaking in understanding your most significant financial asset.

As a neighbourhood specialist, I know the market and always have buyers looking in the area.

I do not sell trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.

I look forward to hearing from you call me at 416 830 1510 or send me an email to

Actual Client Testimonial

Rudy Lochan is a complete agent. Rudy managed to find the home of our dreams and sell our existing home. Rudy took care of all the details and was very professional. We highly recommend Rudy for the purchase or sale of your home – Joanna and Michael Twitchin