Uni-TnT’s 2nd Annual Boat Cruise

Uni-TnT will host its 2nd Annual Boat Cruise on Saturday, July 21 abroad the Enterprise 2000. Boarding for the Cruise will be at 12:30 pm sharp at the Enterprise’s 242 Cherry Street dock.

Tickets for the dinner inclusive Cruise are $45/per person. Music will be provided by a slew of Toronto’s finest deejays, including Dj Sin and Don San Juan.
Headed by the ever popular Ticket Gateway-The Printing Press Trinidadian-Canadian Owner, Tony Chankar, Uni-TnT was recently formed by a group of friends and acquaintances from a variety of career backgrounds, including law, business, real estate, banking and trades who came together as Trinidadian-Canadians. Uni-TnT Members’ commonly shared goal is to give back to the community and culture that has significantly contributed to their lives and helped shape the people they are today.

Uni-TnT’s desire is to raise funds to be able to assist those in need in Trinidad and Tobago. Toward this end Uni-TnT welcomes all those, whether from the Caribbean or any part of the world, who would like to be of assistance in achieving its goal. Eventually, as it grows, Uni-Tnt’s intention is to help disadvantaged people throughout the Caribbean.

The group’s name was chosen to represent Unity as its purpose and strength, hence Uni-TnT! The group’s fund raising activities includes an annual Family Day which will be held this year at the expansive Markham Fair Grounds.