US $65 Million World Bank Funding Relief For Dominica’s Hurricane Recovery

The World Bank has approved two emergency support operations totaling US$65 million for restoring agriculture livelihoods, strengthening resilience, and rebuilding houses destroyed by Hurricane Maria in Dominica.

This is the World Bank’s highest ever financing for Dominica and is part of a larger US$115 million package of support that includes financing of US$65 million in concessional terms and US$50 million in grant financing from the International Development Association’s (IDA) Crisis Response Window.

As the eye of the storm wreaked havoc in Dominica, more than 30 people were killed and total damages and losses were estimated at US$1.37 billion or 226 per cent of GDP. The greatest damages were in housing and transport, with more than 4,500 houses destroyed and 20,000 partially damaged, and many roads and bridges affected and covered by trees and flooded debris. The agriculture sector had the largest losses, with 80 to 100 per cent of crops destroyed. Farmers lost half of their cattle and many fishermen lost their boats and fishing gear.

The Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience project (US$25 million) will help farmers and fisherfolk to restore their agriculture and fishing production and systems, and adopt climate smart practices. The Housing Recovery project (US$40 million) will focus on rebuilding houses and improving the application of resilient building practices. The total $65 million project financing for these two projects includes the US$50 million of grant financing.

About 1,700 families will receive subsidies from the housing project and 4,900 farmers and fisherfolk will receive support from the agriculture project.