US Based Trinis Changing Travel Plans On Account Of Trump’s Policies

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidadians living in the United States are being forced to adjust their travel plans as their potent anxiety reached fever pitch in the wake of an announcement on Thursday by US President Donald Trump to roll out new immigration measures tailored to a federal court decision that blocked his initial travel ban.

A 60-year-old woman from Petit Valley, who asked not to be named, lived in the US for over a decade and was now in the process of trying to obtain her green card. “I don’t know what to expect now,” the fearful woman said. The lawyer responsible for handling her paperwork advised her to not even think about travelling outside the United States. “The lawyer who I’ve been dealing with said if I know anybody from Trinidad in my situation, tell them not to travel anywhere because you might not be able to get back into the US. I sincerely feel everyone should be scared because you just don’t know what could happen coming in,” she told the Sunday Guardian in a telephone interview.

Hundreds of Trinidadians normally flock to T&T for the Carnival season. Even those with plans for the Easter have been making adjustments to their travel plans.

She added, “Even though the courts blocked his ban the first time, he (Trump) is going to come with something else.” In response to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) national raid on undocumented immigrants that saw more than 683 being detained in the past week, the woman lamented that mainly black and Latino people seemed caught up in the sweep–a notion that 28-year-old Naisha Solomon of Arima agreed with.

Solomon, who has US citizenship and now resides in NYC, said her family’s plans of all living in the same country was now in jeopardy. Her mother, she revealed, had plans of moving to the US but was now reconsidering.